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The bathroom is one of the most heavily abused areas of your home. It requires constant cleaning and is subjected to mold and water wear. At AnM Remodeling and Tile we believe that a bathroom should be more than just inviting. It should stand up to the test of time and be easier to clean than a normal bathroom. We use only the highest quality materials and methods to ensure your bathroom lasts and is easy to clean. We also believe that there should be no limitation in creating the most functional and inspiring bathroom. We specialize in creating custom showers to any desired dimension shape and form. Our expert tile layers specialize in creating intricate tile patterns and layouts allowing your imagination to run wild. We work with a wide variety of plumbing fixtures that are sure to inspire and enable you to create the perfect shower, steam shower, and/or Jacuzzi tub. We also work with a custom cabinet company which can create a bathroom vanity that insinuates and beautifies your bathroom to new levels. Find out what makes our bathrooms different from the rest.

Why Our Bathrooms Are Different

Why our bathrooms are different! Every contractor out there will claim to use the highest quality materials and methods. It is an easy claim to make when most customers have very little knowledge about those materials and methods. Unfortunately, many contractors will promise this to the customer, but in the end will choose the fastest method. Below is a detailed description of the materials and methods used by AnM Remodeling and Tile, so you may be better informed and understand why our bathrooms are worth the investment for years to come. When building a shower, most tile installers will use a concrete board on the walls which is only water resistant because of a sprayed on water proofing. Some will then proceed to lay tile over the concrete board without sealing the seams; others will fill the seams with tile mortar which is not water tight and can crack over time. The fiber cement board we use is imbedded with silicone so it is naturally resistant to water, mold, and mildew all the way through the core. We caulk all seams and nail holes with a urethane concrete caulk that is highly flexible and waterproof. This forms a water tight shower before the tile is even put on the walls. Because of the speed and ease of use many tile installers still use tile mastic inside the shower areas to adhere the tile to the wall. The problem with this is that the mastic never fully cures and when subject to constant water exposure the mastic encourages the growth of mold. Therefore, AnM Remodeling and Tile uses only premium fortified thin set that resists mold growth and cures completely; with a holding strength three times greater than that of mastic. If desired, we can use a porcelain tile that is non-porous and never requires sealing. We will also offer a commercial quality epoxy grout that is water tight, will not stain, never needs sealing, and requires no problem causing caulk along inside corners of your shower.

When creating our custom shower pans, first we lay down a heavy duty PVC mat liner around the shower floor and lower walls. The PVC mat liner is mechanically sealed to a special floor drain creating a water tight shower pan. Second, we construct the shower pan out of a layering system of tile mortar and fiber cement board, creating a consistent pitch to the floor drain. Once dry we coat the top surface of the shower pan and lower walls with 2 coats of a waterproofing membrane. We provide our customers a two year warranty on all work

Shower Enclosures

At AnM Remodeling and Tile we also specialize in providing the definitive accent to your bathroom’s look and feel. From standard framed shower doors to chic, upscale frameless glass shower doors, we can supply you with the shower enclosure that perfectly suits your bathroom needs. Check out the gallery of glass shower doors we’ve installed across Chicagoland A quick overview of the two basic types of shower glass enclosures:

Framed Shower Doors

First, we have the more traditional sliding or swinging fully framed doors with 3/16” thick tempered safety glass. The frames are made of aluminum, and come anodized in many popular finishes to match your bath fixtures. The glass can either be clear or opaque, with many patterns to choose from. This style of enclosure is relatively inexpensive and offers several advantages:
•Typically lower costs than frameless shower enclosures.
•Aluminum framing offers good glass protection. (Great for children’s baths)
•Standard panel sizes make replacement inexpensive if ever needed.

Frameless Shower Doors

Second, we have the very popular frameless glass type shower enclosure. This style enclosure makes up about 75% of our installations today. There is no frame wrapped around the glass panels; they are 3/8” or ½” thick tempered safety glass with only heavy brass hinges or clamps and silicone sealant holding them in place. As with framed type units the hardware can be finished to match your other fixtures and the glass will be clear, opaque or even etched with standard or custom designs. The frameless enclosure also offers certain advantages:
•Clean unobstructed view of what is normally the centerpiece of today’s
custom master bathrooms.
•Superior solid quality feel and look.
•Easy to clean.
•More hardware options like designer pulls and towel bars

In the last few years there have been two important innovations that apply to both types of enclosure. One is low-iron glass. This glass is manufactured with less lead than standard clear glass, and because of this has almost none of the green tint you would normally see. It is especially suited for showers that are light in color, because it won’t add that “greenish hue” common to standard glass. Low-iron glass commonly goes by trade names such as Starphire and Optic Clear, and will add about 20% to your shower door cost. The other is coated glass. This glass has a coating that actually fills the pores in the glass making it almost impossible for soap and hard water deposits to stick. It doesn’t stop spots from showing – you should still use a squeegee for that! – but prevents them from etching into and ruining the glass. There are dealer applied types available like Diamond Fusion and Hydroshield; we prefer to use a product made by Guardian called Showerguard which is actually manufactured into the glass and is guaranteed for ten years. Whether you choose traditional framed or the modern frameless glass shower doors and enclosures, AnM Remodaling and tile can make sure the end result meets and exceeds your expectations.

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